Well look at us. You've made it to the end. You've somehow bypassed ALL of our top secret security measures here at FCCorp and won. Today, you've been successful. But, never forget what is and what may be true. You are the victim of men who think they are right... Just as one day you and captain Yonoi believed absolutely that you were right. And the truth is of course, that nobody is right...


In order to reward your shrewdness (or perseverance or luck or what have you). I'm willing to extend a generous offer.


Send this user @mario_smith_mena  a message on Instagram with the text "90" + "(whatever concept you would like him to illustrate)" nothing more, nothing less. That may have been rather confusing, heck it was confusing for me as well.


Here, an example would be "90 enigmatic serendipity" or "90 extraterrestrial 

On top of that, here is a discount code for anything you fancy in the store. Just type "DiscoveryChannel" at checkout for a %20 discount.

I hope you weren't expecting more. It was a fun game we played wasn't it. Well I enjoyed it at least. Thanks for speaking with me. You know... it can get lonely in here.


When this page was first created, we had a decent number of visitors, but now, eh, not so many. People come every now and again, but the space between. "Crash...into me, oh." 1996 Dave Matthews Band, am I right? Sorry, like I said, I don't get a lot of visitors in here.