This will be a stream of consciousness post. Enjoy.

Hands are both the things I love to draw the most. They're also what I hate drawing the most. Not quite sure how that works out.

Growing up I was really into skating. I could ollie, nollie, manual, shove it, kickflip, and powerslide, but could not heelflip to save my life. My brother was really into fashion and skating (he was, and he still is, RIP Mitch Hedburg). We had this conversation where the Black Comme Des Garçon's were no longer in fashion, but the white one's were still pretty cool. I found that equally odd and humorous, so I drew the white one's (#clout).

I loved how the colors turned out in this one, but if I could go back and do it over I would make the lego pinky face and the skateboard with no wheels match in color.

Why does the skateboard have no wheels? Well when I drew the wheels initially I felt like they distracted too much from the hand, and the more I looked at it, the cooler I thought it would be to have a sandboard instead of a skateboard.

Why does the pinky have a face? Why does anyone have a face really? Jokes aside, I chose to place the face on the pinky because that's generally the shortest, weakest, frailest finger of the bunch. I've found in life, that somehow, someway, the smallest things, the weakest aspects of life, are somehow and someway the driving factors for life. I could get into it more but think about this, the last time you cried, what was the reason you cried? No it wasn't because you misplaced your Nutella or couldn't remember the password to your Xanga account. While those perhaps were the triggers as to why you cried, you ACTUALLY crying was a result of some concoction of chemicals hitting receptors that made you cry. Maybe. Anyways, the seat of power is normally a lot more frail and fragile than we make it out to be. And eating fast food can, according to science, really mess up your body chemistry and make you more prone do depressive bouts and anxiety.

If you're weird and want this art piece in your living room, check out my shop here. If you're not weird but still want this art piece, check out my shop here instead. Been a pleasure, until next time.

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