It was the summer of 2020 and everything was just going...alright. Except, it wasn't of course. Corona Virus was in full effect, I was alone, working from home, and the contrast of beautiful, warm weather with what I was feeling at the time was off-putting (to say the least). Nobody was really able to meet, restaurants were closed, and I couldn't even go to a public gym to break a sweat (all for good reasons of course). I had spent my 30 years of life, living, loving, rejoicing in summer, and for the first time, I found myself alone in my apartment, listening to the cicadas chirp (is that what they do) outside on a beautiful day as I endlessly scrolled through Netflix (or was it hulu).

I sat down with my eyepad, uninspired, trying to get lost in an art piece in order to take my mind out of the reality I found myself in. It wasn't just me, of course. I knew everyone else was going through it as well. But, unlike the normal "misery loves company" dopamine hits one gets when surrounded by others who are suffering as well, it was just me myself and I that had to bear the pain de la soul.

I scrolled through my tablet and looked for pictures, memories, places that I would have rather have been at that point instead of here (or there depending on how you view time its a construct). I found a picture from the previous summer where I had gone to visit my sister at a beach in Montezuma, Costa Rica. Beautiful weather, beautiful people, beautiful times....simpler times really. Playing around with the illustration from my previous post, I had recently stumbled upon the amazing power of the "clipping mask" and, armed with this new found power I set off to make a quote-unquote masterpiece.

The beach, as previously mentioned, represented where my soul wanted so badly to be. I shifted the colors a bit to the right to give it an "existential soul" feel that I'm world renowned for (I'm not). The outline is of course me, set in a field of roses that I had found in Bethesda. I felt that the flowers were A BIT too joyful and beautiful for the occasion so I took the saturation out, decreased the exposure, and added some grain to juice up the existentialism (Albert Camus would of course be proud, as would Sisyphus perhaps).

The piece still felt a little empty, and while that was the exact feeling I wanted to convey, I wanted to give it A LITTLE more life. The ok's on the left symbolized the world, and everyone else telling me how everything was ok, everything was going to be ok, and trying to get me to repeat that after them. My back is of course turned to that since my reptile brain told me everything was far from ok, but with a weakened fortitude (due to the pandemic), I muster up a shaky, yet blood stained "ok" for myself. And while its the message the world wants to hear, repeated from me, I decide to give it some color, some personality.

Well alright, now that we got that massive buzzkill out of the way, here's some good news. If you want an art piece for your house that looks so sad it can remind you to always be happy, feel free to check out the shop where you can get this print and other prints that might tickle your pickle (I have more joyful prints there as well). Wubba lubba dub dub and goodnight beautiful people.

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