So, I left an easter egg on my website and to date, only two people have found it (super bummed). One of the winners of said easter eggs requested this piece entitled "Absurdity."

At first glance the image seems simple enough. There is yours truly, an equal parts first generation and eighth generation American existing in the top right. I appear to be smiling and sitting atop a propane tank with propane accessories. Tied to me is a price tag wrapped around my neck with the price of "life". Sometimes I feel like we sell our lives, our oh so precious and oh so short time, to companies in exchange for healthcare, decent housing, and safety...but I digress.

My Inspo

"Ok well what about the other figures?" Great question Florentino. This year has been nothing short of chaotic for American politics. Crazy people are trying to convince you that they're normal, and for some reason, normal people are trying to convince you that they're crazy. Just about nothing made sense, and while I used to watch the news, I couldn't help but feel like everyone was just speaking some alien language that I didn't understand.

Here on the left we have a man who we are tired of talking about, so he shall remain nameless. And to his right, and ice cream cone, speaking that same nonsense with him. The man, with a face on his hair, and hair on his face, is the chaos and backwards-ness that has been 2020. He speaks with his crony, the Ice Cream Man (brrr, supa cold), who together as politicians, decide my (our) fate as I (we) helplessly flow downriver. They can decide to "purchase" me and allow me to exist, or...not, totally up to them.

As far as why an ice cream, well, the soft serve lacks compassion. He is cold, ice cold, 273.5 degrees Kelvin to be exact. And although he is a politician, he can be consumed, thrown away, or forgotten about at any time, just like me. What's worse is that he can also be...purchased...

Alright, so I had writers block for three days trying to write this one, so unfortunately, no witty closing remarks today. What I can offer you though is the ability to purchase this art print and a few others like it if you head on over to the shop. Until next time my friends.

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